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One of the most important decisions that a founder needs to make is about choosing an investor. The right investor will bring more to the table than just capital. An investor's expertise, network and business acumen can go a long way in accelerating your business growth. This FundEnable course helps you understand different investment stages, sources of funding and conventional investment deals. This knowledge is key to finding relevant investors for your business. Along with the course, you will get access to the FundEnable Venture Capital Fund Matrix which will help you identify VC funds from selection of parameters like ticket size, sector or industry and portfolio companies.

What You Will Learn

Venture Capital Fund Matrix

Identify Venture Capital Funds For Your Business

  • A list of 500+ active venture capital funds categorized according to sectors and investment sizes

  • Find a relevant venture capital fund using a combination of sectors that define your business for the funding you want to raise

  • Available in a Excel format with dynamic filters to simplify navigation across 500+ funds across 4 investment sizes for 10 business sectors

The FundEnable Takeaways

Learning Outcomes & Navigating the Venture Capital Fund Matrix

  • Explore various financing pathways suitable for your business and learn how to get investors

  • Detailed understanding of financing stages and common deals associated with the stages

  • Access to FundEnable Venture Capital Fund Matrix, a comprehensive list of VC funds, deal sizes, segments & industries

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a company raise 50 lakhs from 50 investors - 1 lakh rupees each? Is it advisable?

    It is always better to keep your capitalization table clean with fewer investors especially individuals. Ideally, 50 lakhs should be raised maximum from 4-5 investors. VCs coming in further rounds like capitalization tables to be clean. Aim to go for fewer investors with larger cheques rather than a long list of inventors as a part of your company.

  • What are angel groups?

    You might have heard of India Angel Network (IAN), Mumbai Angels, Lead Angels, etc. Individual angel investors are a part of these groups. These entities curate startup deals and take it to their network of angels. On successful funding, they charge a success fee to the company for raising money from their network of angels. Typically one person from the group who understands the sector and the opportunity takes the lead and other individuals piggyback on the analysis and decision of the lead.

  • What is the maximum stake that one should dilute while raising their first round of funding?

    There is no thumb rule. It depends on the various parameters such as the business model, the market, the investor who is buying stake, etc. Typically first-round investors aim for a significant majority that can go up to 33% ownership in the company.

  • I am at a product development stage. However, I can only go ahead from here if I get INR 25 crores of funding. Will investors invest that big an amount at this stage?

    Think big but start small. Proof of Concept is extremely important before raising a round of funding. There might be investors who can invest money in your venture in tranches - but raising INR 25 crores in one go at the product development stage looks difficult unless you have a record of giving profitable exit to investors in your previous venture.

  • I have a great business model but I am not good at pitching a business in 5 mins - which happens at pitch competition or an event. What should I do?

    Change the approach. Pitching at competitions with a 5-minute timeslot happens only at events. You have to develop your network and do face to face meetings where you take investors through your business. In real life, investors put money not the Shark Tank way but by spending time with founders in understanding their businesses. So our suggestion is to neglect competitions and events - raise money the real way!

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