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10 Tools + 13 Online Learning Courses

Are you a business founder looking to raise funds? Well, you are in for a challenging yet exciting time! Fundraising is quite an elaborate process that requires careful planning and a strong strategy. To begin with, you must really understand what the fundraising process entails. The FundEnable Toolkit comprises a set of 13 online learning courses designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the fundraising process using practical business examples and case studies. Along with these 13 courses, FundEnable Toolkit consists of 10 templates of pitchbooks, finance models, termsheet agreements, cap table calculator, and more. These templates are 100% customizable to your business needs and can be used across rounds of funding. Scroll down to know more about the FundEnable Toolkit!

Accelerate Your Fundraising Journey

Unlock FundEnable Toolkit To Step Up Your Fundraising Strategy

  • 100% Customizable FundEnable Templates

    Get access to templates for pitch book, finance model, cap table, termsheet sample, deal agreement drafts & more

  • 360º understanding of the fundraising process

    Master the science of fundraising through 13 courses on business valuations, investment deal structuring, termsheets & more

  • Linkedin Shareable Certificate on Completion of 12 Courses

    Earn a certificate from Indian Academy of Venture Capital on completion of the 13 FundEnable Courses

The FundEnable Templates

10 Tools & Templates | 100% Customizable | For All Rounds of Funding

  • Fund-Ability Matrix

    Evaluate your business' fund-ability quotient & track your fundraising progress using this template

  • Pitch Book Template

    Craft a pitchbook using FundEnable template & graphic suite containing investor critical elements

  • Finance Model Template

    Generate a finance model for your business by plugging in your numbers in FundEnable template

  • Cap Table Calculator

    Capturing your company's shareholding structure pre and post investments using FundEnable Cap Table template

  • Termsheet & Agreement Drafts

    Get access to drafts of termsheet & investment deal agreements with terms specific to your investment

  • VC Fund Matrix

    Identify relevant investors for your business from active VC funds, ticket size & sectors of investment

  • Due Diligence (DD) Checklist

    Make a headstart towards closing investments by preparing for financial, legal & corporate DD

  • Incubator Repository

    Incubator programs, incubation application & deck template to accelerate business growth

  • Valuation Multiples

    Multiples & recent transaction data for 20+ sectors to assist you in finding the valuation of your startup

  • Connect to Investment Bankers

    Helping you connect with the right investment banker for assisting you in the process of startup listing

Unlock The FundEnable Toolkit

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What Founders Say About The FundEnable Toolkit

"Best fundraising templates I have come across"

by Anay Mashruwala (Promoter, Venus Engineering | Mentor, PDPU Innovation and Incubation Centre)

Only place where I could find a comprehensive set of templates to use in my fundraising process along with an in-depth learning experience.

"An Entrepreneur's Fundraising Bible"

by Karim Kotadia (Founder, Karvy Technologies)

Really gained a detailed perspective on fundraising from FundEnable courses. The courses also guided me in effectively using the templates for my company's series A round.

100+ Entrepreneurs & 10+ Business Incubators Are Currently Using FundEnable!

Select Individual FundEnable Tools

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  • ₹750.00

    ₹750.00Is Your Business Fund-Able?

    Learn the current trends in the funding ecosystem & understand what it takes to raise funds. Unlock the Fund-Ability Matrix template to find your business fund-ability quotient.
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  • ₹750.00

    ₹750.00Crafting an Effective Pitch Book

    Understand investor critical elements of crafting a Pitch Book. Get access to the FundEnable Pitch Book template & graphic suite to create your Pitch Book.
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  • ₹1,000.00

    ₹1,000.00Building A Finance Model

    Master entrepreneurial finance & accounting basics. Learn to build a finance model step by step. Get access to FundEnable Finance Model template & generate the finance model for your business.
    Buy Now
  • ₹750.00

    ₹750.00Business Financing Pathways

    Discover various business financing sources & learn how to find relevant investors for your business. Get access to the FundEnable VC Fund Matrix to identify the potential VCs for your business.
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  • ₹750.00

    ₹750.00Shareholding Structures

    Understand the pre and post money shareholding structures of a business. Learn to reads and create capitalization tables. Generate cap tables for your business using the FundEnable Cap Table Calculator.
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  • ₹1,000.00

    ₹1,000.00Understanding Business Valuations

    Understand the core concept of valuations and the different techniques used to value businesses. Find the valuation of your business in 6 easy steps using the Transaction Comparable technique.
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  • ₹1,000.00

    ₹1,000.00Investment Deal Structures

    Understand the core concept of valuations and the different techniques used to value businesses. Find the valuation of your business in 6 easy steps using the Transaction Comparable technique.
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  • ₹1,000.00

    ₹1,000.00Termsheet & Shareholders' Agreement

    Get a detailed understanding of the legal aspects of fundraising. Learn to navigate a termsheet & shareholders' agreement. Get access to FundEnable Termsheet Template & other agreement formats.
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  • ₹750.00

    ₹750.00Due Diligence Process

    Learn what is due diligence and how to prepare for legal, financial, and corporate due diligence. Also, get access to the FundEnable due diligence checklist to make a headstart on the process.
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  • ₹750.00

    ₹750.00Exit Strategies

    Know the different types of exit strategies. Gain an in-depth understanding of secondary sales, mergers and acquisitions, and IPO. Learn through real business examples.
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  • ₹750.00

    ₹750.00Venture Debt & Crowdfunding

    Learn alternatives to equity fundraising. Understand how venture debt and crowdfunding work. Know the suitability of these alternatives in various fundraising stages.
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  • ₹750.00

    ₹750.00Leveraging Incubators for Business Growth

    Explore the support ecosystems offered by incubators and accelerators. Get access to the FundEnable templates for incubation applications and a complete list of incubator programs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I only buy the FundEnable Templates?

    Understanding the underlying concept is critical to effectively use a FundEnable template. The entire toolkit is designed to first explain a fundraising concept and then allow you to tangibly use a template for raising funds for your business.

  • Is there a sequence in which one must access the FundEnable courses?

    All the 12 courses can be independently accessed as per your business needs. However, we recommend unlocking the entire toolkit and progressing in the sequence listed above. This is because the courses are logically aligned to the sequence of steps one must go through in order to raise funds.

  • Do I get lifetime access to the templates and courses on buying the entire FundEnable Toolkit?

    You will get unlimited access to all templates and courses for a period of 1 year from the time of purchase of the FundEnable Toolkit. Beyond 1 year, you will have to renew your subscription. Kindly go through the T&C for further clarity.

  • Is there a free trial for the FundEnable Toolkit?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer any free trial periods. The FundEnable Toolkit unlocks immediately after purchase with unlimited access for a period of a year.

  • Are all the templates and course material included in the FundEnable Toolkit downloadable?

    All the FundEnable Templates are downloadable as well as editable. The course videos are not downloadable due to copyright issues. However, course material like pots, pdfs, guides, excels, etc is downloadable.

  • Do the FundEnable Templates get periodically updated?

    Absolutely! We regularly update the FundEnable Templates to keep up with the changing norms of the funding ecosystem. We notify you of every update. All updates in Templates are downloadable within one year of purchase.

  • Do we need pre-requisite knowledge before learning from the FundEnable courses?

    We have designed the courses by incorporating basics and using layman language. No pre-requisite knowledge is required to understand the courses. We have also included practical business case studies to make the learning experience smooth and enjoyable.

  • I am the owner of a MSME business. Is the FundEnable Toolkit applicable for raising capital for my business?

    Yes, surely. The process of fundraising remains the same regardless of the size and sector of the company even the complexity changes. The FundEnable Toolkit is designed by taking this into consideration and ensures usability across businesses.

  • Is the FundEnable Toolkit applicable to startup businesses based out of India?

    Definitely. The concepts of fundraising remain the same across countries. The only difference lies in the legal compliance procedures which will differ from country to country. The FundEnable Toolkit remains relevant in all other aspects for all business founders regardless of nationality.

Terms & Conditions

Kindly download the entire T&C document by clicking here T&C.pdf

It is strongly recommended that users read the T&C document while purchasing the FundEnable Toolkit.

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