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Your Guide To Business Incubators!

Businesses require strong support systems initially to strengthen their foundations. One of the best support ecosystems for businesses are provided by incubators and accelerators. Incubators and accelerators provide businesses with office infrastructure, technology and prototyping labs, mentoring support and seed fund support. Hence understanding how to leverage incubators for business growth is really important. This FundEnable Resource explains how incubation really helps accelerate business growth and provides a repository of material that founders require to get incubated.

What You Will Learn

FundEnable Incubator Repository

All you need to get incubated

  • Get a detailed list of all Department of Science & Technology funded incubators & Atal Innovation Mission incubators

  • Find incubators relevant for your business from 140+ incubators distributed across sectors & geographies

  • Available in a Excel format with dynamic filters simplifying navigation to identify the right investors for your business

The FundEnable Takeaways

Learning Outcomes & Result of using the Incubation Repository

  • Understand how your business can benefit from incubators and accelerators

  • Discover various incubator and accelerator programs and understand the process of incubation

  • Get access to the FundEnable Incubation Repository comprising the complete list of DST funded incubators, Atal Incubation Centers and templates for incubation documents

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we be a part of incubator even before we start a company?

    Every incubator has a criteria for selection. One of the basic criteria for incubation is a registered entity. However, many incubators have a pre-incubation program where they onboard individuals who are in the ideation stage. Once the legal entity is registered, they move the incubatee from pre-incubation to incubation phase.

  • What is the difference between an incubator and an accelerator?

    Incubators typically provide holistic services such as physical office space, mentoring, capability building, seed funding, technology support for a period of up to 2 years. They focus on idea to PoC stage companies. Accelerators are focused short term programs (couple of weeks to a couple of months) focused on specifics such as market access, funding etc. The focus is more on scaling companies which have already crossed PoC stage and are looking at scaling up. Some of the well-known accelerator programs in India are given below 1) Next Big Idea – Zone Startups India 2) Empower – Zone Startups India 3) Sheltertech Accelerator – CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad 4) IoT Innovation Accelerator – CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad 5) Financial Inclusion Lab – CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad

  • If I already have an existing business and team, can I still get incubated? Will I get funding?

    Incubators look at innovation and technology as an integral part of the business. If your business is innovative and technology-driven and that you are falling under the definition of Startup as per Startup India, you have chances of getting incubated. Your chances of getting funded depend on the criteria set by the incubator and the broader criteria set up by the funding scheme such as NIDHI SSS.

  • How do we make sure that the contract with incubators are reasonable and not predatory?

    Can I get incubated at an incubator which is in a city different from where I am currently located?

  • Can I get incubated at an incubator which is in a city different from where I am currently located?

    Physical incubation is preferred. However, many incubation centers have started a virtual incubation program where they provide all the facilities and mentoring except the usage of physical space.

  • Can a company get equity-free grant from Government and other sources?

    Yes. There are many state and center level schemes for supporting entrepreneurs. Example Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) Scheme under BIRAC which gives up to INR 50 lakh to best in class innovative ideas in Biotechnology to build the product. Notification of such schemes are provided on websites of Startup India, DST, Govt of India, Atal Incubation Mission etc.

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