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Creating a pitch book is one of the first tasks that you will undertake as a founder trying to raise capital for your business. How to go about creating an effective pitch book is a question that plagues founders. What to include and what to not?! Creating a pitch book is a craft indeed. This FundEnable course is designed to help you master the craft of creating effective pitch books and includes a detailed case-study of sample pitch books to learn the elements that make up a pitch book. Additionally you will get access to FundEnable Pitch Book Templates with customizable slides and a graphic toolkit to start making investor ready pitch book for your business.

What You Will Learn

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    How To Craft An Effective Pitch Book

    • The Right Recipe for Crafting a Pitchbook

    • Study of a Sample Pitch Book

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    FundEnable Template

    • A Customizable Pitch Book Template

    • A Sample Pitchbook

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    Schedule A Meeting With Us!

    • Get Your Business Plan Vetted Before Approaching Investors!

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    Concluding Message

    • Send Your Pitchbook To Prospective Investors

    • Looking for more assistance for crafting your pitchbook?

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    • Craft Your PitchBook - A Webinar

FundEnable Pitch Book Template

Paving the Path for a Powerful Pitch

  • 100% editable 26 slide pitchbook template created in accordance to venture capital investor norms

  • Included is a sample pitchbook to illustrate use of the template along with a repository of 200+ icons & bonus slide templates

  • Available in a PPT format with editable placeholders elements of text, graphics, colours, fonts & more

The FundEnable Takeaways

Learning Outcomes & Pitch Book Template Utility

  • Know the elements required to create an effective investor ready pitch book

  • Study sample pitch books of real businesses & understand what an investor expects to learn from your pitch book

  • Get the FundEnable Pitch Book Template Kit with customizable slides and attached graphic toolkit

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do companies in need of seed round also need to have a pitchbook.

    Yes, absolutely. Every company irrespective of the round of funding must have a pitchbook. The depth and the detailing will definitely differ on the basis of the round. However, having a pitchbook is a must have in seeking out investors.

  • Should I mention the valuation of my company and proposed returns for my investors in the pitchbook.

    Typically valuation and estimated returns are not included in the pitchbook. The financial elements included in the pitchbook are - a snapshot of your P&L, funding requirement and the allocation of funds across business critical functions of your company. Your finance model that accompanies the pitchbook will allow your investor to get an understanding of the profitability and scalability of your company.

  • How many slides should a pitchbook have?

    There is no standard number of slides that one must have in a pitchbook. The idea is to ensure that your potential investor understands your business effectively. Make sure to talk about the team, value proposition, monetization model, proof of concept, impact your business has created and present your business as the best possibly investment opportunity.

  • I have heard that pitch decks should be really precise and should not be text heavy. Is that right?

    It depends on how you are pitching. If you are in a face to face meeting with your prospective investor then your pitchbook can only have highlights of points you are discussing. However, normally one has to reach out to investors via mails. In this case, it is recommended that you send across a detailed pitchbook that effective creates the portrait of your business for the investor.

  • What is the sequence of slides that I must include in my pitchbook.

    The sequence entirely depends on how you want to present the story of your business. However there are some standard slides which you can include in a given sequence. One must always have executive summary at the beginning of the pitchbook and the investment summary at the end. The slide on the founding team usually follows the executive summary. A sample pitchbook along with a template framework is included in the FundEnable Toolkit.

  • Should I engage an consultant to create my company's pitchbook.

    This decision is your prerogative. Usually for bigger deal sizes, founders usually engage a consultant to work on the pitchbook since it might need constant revisions. If you decide to engage a consultant, make sure to do a check on the consultant's clientele and confirm credibility beforehand.

  • Where can I find investor profiles to whom I can send across my pitchbook?

    You can identify relevant investors for your business from FundEnable Venture Capital Fund Matrix ( If you are an early stage business and looking for seed fund investments, you can find a Department of Science & Technology Incubator or Atal Innovation Center in the FundEnable Incubator Repository ( Another very popular way of finding prospective investors is through Linkedin.

  • Can I send across the same pitchbook to incubators and venture capital funds?

    Though the gist of the pitchbook remains the same, there are a few differences between the pitchbook for incubators and the one for venture capitalists. One of the major differences is that the VC pitchbook will have a detailed section on fund requirement, allocation and utilization while the incubator pitchbook will have a section on why the business needs incubation and how incubation will impact business growth. You can find the pitchbook templates in the FundEnable Toolkit - VC ( and Incubator (

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