Capturing Shareholding Structures in Cap Tables

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As a founder, one of the things that you need to constantly keep a track of is the shareholding structure. The knowledge of who owns what in your company is absolutely critical and this shareholding structure must be maintained in cap tables at all points of time. When an investment happens, the changes in the cap table indicate the price of the new share, the current valuation, dilution and number of shares that are to be issued to the investor. This FundEnable course enables you to understand shareholding structures. Also, access the FundEnable Cap Table Calculator that generates the pre and post money cap table for your business.

What You Will Learn

FundEnable Cap Table Calculator

Generate Your Pre & Post Money Cap Tables

  • Get a standard capitalization table format with pre entered formulae

  • Input your shareholders, stakes, investment ammount & investor stake to generate your cap table

  • Available in Excel format with instructions for customization as required for your business

The FundEnable Takeaways

Learning Outcomes & Using the Cap Table Calculator

  • Understand the process of dilution and how shares are created and issued to investors

  • Learn how the price per share changes when investment happens in a company

  • Generate the pre and post money cap table for your business using the FundEnable Cap Table Calculator

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the price per share change after investment in the company?

    Valuation increases as a consequence of funding. Valuation of a company represents the price of all shares in the company. The new price per share can be found using this valuation. Mathematically, dividing the post money valuation of the company by the total number of shares issued across all shareholders gives the new price per share.

  • Why are new shares issued to investors instead of transferring shares from founders?

    New shares have to be issued since the previous shareholders are not selling their stake in the company during an equity investment. To provide stake to the investor, stakes of the other shareholders get diluted while the number of shares owned by them remain the same. Hence new shares have to be issued to the investor.

  • Do ESOPs become a part of the pre and post money cap tables?

    Absolutely. ESOPs are considered as an independent shareholder in both the pre and post money cap tables. The stake contributed to ESOP is also liable to dilution on investment while the number of shares attributed to ESOPs remain the same.

  • What is the price per share before investment happens in the company?

    Before investments, the price per share is always equal to the face value of a share that is INR 10.

  • Is cap table included as part of any legal documents for the funding process.

    Yes. Cap tables are an integral part of the termsheet and SHA. They are an important element of all deal related documents.

  • Who are preferential shareholders?

    Preferential shareholders are those who are entitled to receive a part of company profits before any other common shareholder receives them. A preferential shareholder also has the right to have their capital repaid if the company fails.

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